FYI  : This is not the “DISTINCTION” which our parents want us to run behind.

After a long break I am back to writing Blogs , and there was some “STUFF” going on in my mind which was not concrete enough to be put across.

Well today everything in my mind became crystal clear about the “STUFF” i was thinking about.

Before I tell my opinion towards a lot of things related to the “STUFF”  , I would like to share a story with you all.

I even remember the exact date and time this event took place (Memory w.r.t date and time is good 😀 ).

This event happened at around 4 – 4 15 A.M , the day my 3rd sem would start off.

I was deep asleep when i suddenly heard people shouting “CHOR CHOR”.

My brother and I ran out to see what was happening and when could make out that some robbers were trying to enter our Neighbours house

and that woke the neighbours up and they came running out of the house to catch these robbers .

We did our bit by running around trying to find the robbers and evetually we could not.

Then one of our neighbours caught hold of a rag picker , and accused him of helping the robbers to do their work.

The rag picker tried to run away and we caught hold of him , and by time we could question anything 2 – 3 of our neighbours started belting him.

At that instant I too caught hold of his collar mainly cause I was too annoyed to think and it was freakin 4 am in the morning.

The rag picker started to bleed and before our neighbours could kill him , some wise soul suggested in bringing in police .

So we tied him to a gate and waited for HOYSALA to arrive which they did in like 10 mins (Surprising i know 😀 ).

We handed him over . My brother and I came back home.

Had animated chat with mom and dad about this . And then suddenly i felt weird.

I did not know why I  was feeling so. I came back to bed. I could not go back to sleep.

Then i started thinking  , slowly grasping the events that took place.

Then I realised Just for a second nobody thought that the rag picker was picking rag and the robbery was trying to take place co – incidentally.

Then weird questions started running across my mind , What if the rag picker was innocent ?

If so then how the hell did CIVILIZED people  beat him up?

Does he have a family? Does he have kids ? DAMN HE WAS BLEEDING!!

I was filled with guilt.

“That guy was crying and begging and falling to our feets saying please dont hand me over to police , i have nothing , please check my bag,

please , i just go discharged from hospital , please please please”!!

Those words echoed through my mind and tears instantly started flowing down my cheeks ( I am man enough to accept that ).

What if i was in his position ? Was he saying the truth ?

And then i Realised we just ignored every bit of what he said just cause he was not one among us.

This is what I call ” DISTINCTION”.

He did not choose to be a rag picker , he probably did not choose to be a part of the robbery , he probably was at the wrong time in the wrong place , he did not choose to not have money , he did not choose to beaten by strangers for things he might have not done , he did not choose to be chased by dogs every morning .

He is a rag picker – cause that his how his life turned out to be.

After this event , I could see “DISTINCTION” everywhere.

“DISTINCTION” at Temples to let only people who are Brahimns to enter .

“DISTINCTION” at Government places to entertain only People with power and money

“DISTINCTION” in Company just cause you are one grade above someone else

“DISTINCTION” at the FOOTBALL FIELD just cause you are a part of the team from a long time

“DISTINCTION” in making friends , MY FRIEND has to Good in academics and has to be a HINDU and should know our native language.

“DISTINCTION” etc. Too many to pen down.

Man if we the “LITERATE CIVILIZED PEOPLE” or rather “SO CALLED” think in such a shallow manner then how the hell are we “SUPERIOR to the SO CALLED INFERIOR ONES”?

Every single day there are millions of  people being ill treated , beaten up , not cared for  just cause the superior ones have to show their power.

I think its time we actually could think , think to ourselves and justify how we treat others , how we single out People around us ,

how we start being selfish and carefree , how much we hurt others.

Nobody is inferior or superior , its just the CIRCUMSTANCES that makes you who you are.

You were lucky enough to be born in the right place at right time and that is why you are Equipped enough to read this blog and So am I to write this one,

cause we dont have to think what if we dont get 2 pieces of bread tomorrow , what will we feed our old parents , our children , our wives ,

How will I ever be able to build  a small hut for us? Do i need to take poison and die? GOD if you are really up there why are you not helping us?

What did i ever do to u?

This is the time we could actually to something to the “LESS FORTUNATE” and help them , help them realize that they can believe that every dark cloud has a silver lighting.

Provide them with food when ever you can instead of just throwing it in garbage, give them your old clothes instead of saying I have memories with my clothes how can i give them to someone else? Well you will in the memory of the “LESS FORTUNATE ONES” when you can give away your clothes.

Go to the orphanages , give away some money so that they can read and they in turn can help the “NEEDY”.

Well I can just go on and ON but I think i need to conclude by saying

Think about the “DISTINCTION” my friends. Just once.


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