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The last couple of weeks have been so different for me. I am trying to be the “DO”er instead of the “Procrastinate”er, this is tough.

I have had so many discussions , so many ideas , so much of time and all i do is waste it. I read the book by written by varun agarwal and it said one thing and one thing only “Do” or “Die”.

He and his friend really had the guts to face the world and say yeah we can do it. 

In all this 3 and half years of so called IT experience i have, i have learnt one thing – You need the experience not get to yourself another big paying job but to understand the fact that “Do you belong here?” or “Can you do things which are far more cooler?”.

I was lucky enough to find time to hit SP road again and all my college days came back. I really did have a great business idea  back then and i was just too lazy to execute it. 

All i want to do is sit down and work towards my dream. Wait a minute – I HAVE NO DREAM! 

This is exactly what happens when you get succumbed into utter bullshit. 

Currently , I am employed but bored. Have time but i waste. Think all the time but do nothing. 

I am at some end point here and all i think is there is nothing worse that i can do for myself but do good.

This is where my first part ends. 

PS: I am giving myself 2 weeks time to do something. If i get that done , my second part will show up soon. #wannaclearmymindanddosomething 


Being open.

Lately after my vacation , i have been thinking a lot and feel like writing but there were so many thoughts that i could not pen them down.

Its like a sudden realization to me that , there is so much to life than IT and Computers.
If you are stuck with something and make it an habit you are no less than an addict who needs to get a fix.

You are too scared to try the world cause you live in a little great world of yours.

I think people who quit something and try to start things afresh are the people who are living the dream.

They become successful unsuccessful that does not even matter. 

People find bliss in the things they do and they never look at money like the way we do. So many decisions i make are money biased and suddenly i feel like money is just paper.You need it but you do not need it in surplus.

I want to travel now. I want to go to places like Burma , Peru , Argentina , Himachal Pradesh , Manasa-sarovara.

I want to learn old things and equip myself with understanding on  how to raise crops ,  how to generate electricity , how to do carpentry , understand how an engine works.

Learning all of them and trying them again does not mean you are re-inventing the wheel , it means you are trying to understand a part of the pain that people went through when they invented them. Its you learning them so that you can survive on your own.

Lately i have been reading a lot and watching some  documentaries on Music , travel , drugs , drug addicts , rehabilitation , culture , intelligence  , innovation , spirituality that has made me realize that the new gen has a majority of Computer Junkies who sit in front of their comp all the time and i am pretty sure there will be facebook rehab center , cause its cutting the productivity of people . 

Man is a social animal but a man can feel lonely even when there are others around cause there is a void inside him that is telling him that he doesn’t know what he wants to do .

He doesn’t now why is he so scared to try ? To quit ? To say No?

The first question that comes to my mind is –

Is being open wrong?

Democracy – Dead

Well ,

Firstly we are considered to be one of the biggest democracy in the world. Which is just utter bullshit.

This post might even get me arrested , well cause we dont have democracy and we cant speak up.

Someone dies , the city shuts down( this is just not wrt to bombay , cities like bangalore was shut down too). You did great for the city or probably even the state but people shut down their shops and everything else not cause of respect but out of fear.

If you truly did something good i dont think you should ask for respect , it wil be given.

Cities shut down , people are house arrested , apart from hospitals you cannot even find a store which will provide you with water . Hence travellers please carry a caravan where ever you go cause you know never when a city might shut down.



A girl comes out of her fear shell and puts it up on facebook and she gets arrested? What the bloody hell man! 

Are we even a democracy? We are just led by people who have money and power and who dont give a rats ass if we are dead or alive.

Journalists are beaten up just cause they are stating a fact that some people are assholes and they do not deserve the respect they are getting.

Things need to change , it should else there will be anarchy everywhere.





Connect the cuts , Connect the cuts!

Well its been long and after you talking to a friend who you love and miss after a long time , you feel inspired and rejuvenated to do something you love.

I recently tried getting out of facebook just to see what i do with the time i have when i am dont have facebook to go to and it turned out to be so tough that i got back on it in 2 days. Is there going to be facebook rehabilitation center? Or is think its because we have the access to it so easily that we we feel that we are addicted.

Its drizzling here in Bangalore and the city has suddenly become so pleasant . I planned to finish off some code but then i missed my friend and well here i am writing again after just chatting with him for a few mins instead of finishing off my work.

You always set out to do things in life and it turns out different , maybe i realize now why that happens. Money is not everything but then you cannot survive on thin air either, the moment you start working and you start coming across various different problem sets and the way things are analyzed , you tend to feel you can do better and something that has not been done AKA something like facebook every single day. Possible ? Not possible? Stupidity? Well no answer , but yea , your brain keeps working all the time to find something out there that someone has not found out. You like to become John Nash and try to see the pattern but you know that your just trying to enact and all i can see now is tree in front of my house 😀

People walk into our lives and change the way we live , think and the way we design our future.  Yea , the argument begins in your head saying , “Y the hell are u letting these people into your lives and letting them control you ?” and you answer “Well man is a social animal and how he is , is based on the society he is in”  so yea we cant live a solitary live until and unless your insane enough to have one by running away from everyone.

I have too many things running on my mind right now and i dont know if there is a need to pen it down here.

Before i forget , there is a sonnet we wrote @Jain college in under 30 mins . It is as follows:

The Day I Smelled the N2O

Laughing, giggling, grinning I was
When I went to the dentist with a worthy cause
Plucking my tooth he was,with ease and no pain
And me chuckling, rolling, jostling again and again
Psyched up I was when I was at the dentists
It was time for me to consult a psychiatrist
I had lost a family and a tiny tooth
To a public bombing which killed my dear ones in a phone booth
Depressed I was to see the world under chaos
And also to see the humanity goin for a toss
Pain in my tooth,pain in my mind
Desperate I was for the things to rewind
So here I am at the dentist today
Today… The day I smelled the N2O
– I will never forget this day and will cherish this sonnet the rest of my life as it opened new worlds for us and made us a team forever.

@mogli – you inspire me my friend 🙂 Love you, Kudos .



The best place on this world is “THE POTTY” .

Well I don’t wanna go to the intricate details of the potty but I think its the only place where you get peace and time to think for urself and actually connect with your conscience.

Its the best confession box you will ever find. I believe in confessing mistakes to oneself.

When you have a problem to solve, most of the times a good solitude on potty will give you the answer.

Now why do we feel this way?

We all think spirituality is where one connects to god, I feel spirituality is where we connect to ourself.

Ppl run to himalyas to feel god, and return back sayin their intent of the travel was accomplished. All I think that happens is there is so much silence and peace arnd you, that u finally start understanding how you are connected to this world.

We need the silence, the serenity, the atmosphere.
Potty gives it to u every single day.
Potty, I ar in louve with you.


Melody – Itna Chocolatey Kyun Hain.


Well there are so many thoughts rushing your mind that by the end of a minute you are really confused as to what you were thinking.
A couple of Breezers and Paneer Chilli is kicking in :D.


We have always felt we need money for business without which we can do anything. Well its definitely true but if you dont have an “IDEA” what will you do with the money.


Sometimes it works sometimes you go under loss. World is in recession mode . Education loosing its values. Reasearchers trying to complicate the world. Increase in the number of junkies.  Alcohol best business. Share market down. People loosing jobs.

World – A great place to live in.

Every single day we are trying to do something  whose final outcome we are not aware off. Breezer over damn! .

21 12 2012 –  A myth ?  Nasa hiding the truth? Well too many conspiracies out there. Maybe all of it is true.


Long drives , Friends , Party , Girl Friend , Booze – Life. Really? Fun. Definitely!


Work , Stress , anticipation , duties  – Reality.Definitely! Life. Really?


What we want to do is totally controlled by us. I was very narrow minded. Some ppl changed it. I never wanted to take part in things cause i always thought there is no point doin it. Leaving behind the fact of learning while trying to do something.


I might be on 96 hours of coding marathon , i am still thinking. What i am gonna code? I really have no clue . Do i love the thought of it ? Hell YEAH!


Being alone for sometime with nothing around you to distract makes you just wonder . Getting a lil more HIGH :D. I have always wanted to just achieve and in that way i have just bits and pieces of something . Is this good enuf? Well i am not facing any problems atleast til now.

The World Appreciates knowledge , full or half? Nobody really cares if you know how to SPEAK.

Addictive world. We all live in. Do we know ourselves?….


PS: Love Bacardi.



Well I have not written anything in a while, I have been too held up and I have got so used to not sleepin that its almost 2 am and I have been in bed for almost an hour tryin to sleep. Weird.

Well If you can’t sleep you start rollin arnd or you start thinking of random stuff. I was too lazy to roll so I started thinkin random usual stuff. Friends, party, forests etc.

Then suddenly I thought of google mainly cause if I ask my mom anythin now she says go google it. I am like you gotta be kiddin me.I started laughin remembering this and suddenly I thought how is google doin this?

We say we have low bandwidth in india, and internet is growing, so how does google have all the info?firstly cause ppl pay and secondly google is intelligent.

Well I mentioned the bandwidth part guess no matter how shitty ur net is, you stil can manage to get a lot of results in a short span of time. My question is how? I started thinking of the process chain, google main page takes very less time to launch as its just text. Okay so next step, searchin. How can ur shitty internet search so fast? In practicality do we really go into 2nd page of our search, are all the results we get actually wat we are lookin for?? Hmmm.
Intert is big + net is slow = fast results. Well the equation doesn seem to work out too well.

Anyhu I wil look into this myself a lil later. Well after this I thought anyways I ain’t gettin no sleep so y not blog. I opened wordpress app on my phone, I realised I hardly use any feature of wordpress .

I think this is what’s happenin to everything. Technology is not changin much, we are jus using it more. When I bought this android phone, I was like I need to write apps, code , do tht this but til now I have not written more than 20 lines of code. The in thing now is android. Thts it.well I am happy to be in this gen.we are given so many features at one shotand when we start using we feel technology has grown but it really has jus widened.

Then suddenly the convo I had with one of our MS lecturers suddenly rushed in. All he said was you guys are in MS not undergrads anymore, you need to question and learn stuff up from the grass roots. Take a solved problem and solve it in ur way , maybe u wil find a better algorithm and efficiency.I guess all of us are brilliant in one way, we really need to figure out what that one thing is.

I really havent found mine.

Well feelin a lil droopy now. If I stay up a lil more I might not sleep at all.

I feel this is an incomplete blog. But who cares maybe I might jus start a new trend 😛

“Astala vista baby” – suddenly came into my head,u rock arnold 😀

Random Life

De – Stressing myself when I am writing this. 🙂

Well life is just too random for us to write about with a fixed timeline and key frame for everything. There are so many things happening around and at such pace, I don’t think it’s gonna pause at all for a while.

There are things which we get into and there are things which we are dragged into. Times when you want to say a NO but you never CAN. You want to be there for SOMEONE but you just CANT. You want to leave EVERYTHING and go away but you choose to STICK ON. Ever asked yourself WHY?

People are different. People think differently. People do the one thing in different ways.Meeting and getting to know different people changes your perspective on how you see things. Every single day there is someone who does things which makes you feel insignificant.

Random Thought 1:

There are things which you realize after you are get into it. I am a part of an organization that is literally ‘BOUNDLESS’. When I ask myself what I have done to be a part of it? I get no answer. You just get into a company and your happy .You never question when good things happen. The time when things start screwing up, you have no clue why its happening.

Random Thought 2:

Ever thought how much we have let internet and other people into our lives? I am a PROUD ANDROID phone owner, but I lately realized I am under the GOOGLE SCANNER. My email id is , I have a facebook page , I am a part of LinkedIn , I have a twitter Account , I have a YouTube channel and SADLY I LIVE MORE On the INTERNET than at my place.
Google on the other hand everyday are trying to penetrate more and more into our lives and get every single info that out there just to make their search engine better.

GOOGLE = GOD (if you are a developer) cause without which you cannot work. But to think of it I am really not learning anything new cause Google is always there to help me. I never want to break my head to do anything.

Google are apparently going underground to establish data centers just to store information about us.
I am S.C.A.R.E.D, but Addicted.

Random Thought 3:

What do I do next? What should I do next? What so ever I am doing now is it worth? How do I do something better than that’s already there? I am a NITWIT? Has everything been invented and discovered? 2012 is true? Is failing the stepping stone to success? Then why are we frowned upon when we fail? Does getting degree’s really matter when the world is just filled with people waiting for a reason to stab someone?

Random Thought 4:

If rich people are gonna become richer and poor people gonna become poorer what will WE the middle class become? Poor or Richer? Does it really matter? Dont we have everythin we ever wanted?

Random Thought 5:

I am happy. World is a great place. Reads headlines – 130 killed cause of a suicide bomber. WOW. World is really a great place? Where are we heading to ? Whom are we trying to kill ? Whom are we trying to chase around? Why do we need government to preserver peace when they are just causing anarchy? Are we really HUMANS? Does religion really mean a lot? All religions speak of keeping peace then why are there religious conflicts? If one animal is considered to be GODLIKE then why is another animal killed?Are they not equal?

Random Thought nth:

There is a infinite loop that keeps running in your head every single day and these random thoughts are the thoughts that sometimes that  lead to discovery , invention , destruction , dismay , downfall , criticism , government , democracy , religion and sadly to the current state the world is in.

More thoughts running now again. It never stops. Is Inception Real?


Ces’t la Vie.



FYI  : This is not the “DISTINCTION” which our parents want us to run behind.

After a long break I am back to writing Blogs , and there was some “STUFF” going on in my mind which was not concrete enough to be put across.

Well today everything in my mind became crystal clear about the “STUFF” i was thinking about.

Before I tell my opinion towards a lot of things related to the “STUFF”  , I would like to share a story with you all.

I even remember the exact date and time this event took place (Memory w.r.t date and time is good 😀 ).

This event happened at around 4 – 4 15 A.M , the day my 3rd sem would start off.

I was deep asleep when i suddenly heard people shouting “CHOR CHOR”.

My brother and I ran out to see what was happening and when could make out that some robbers were trying to enter our Neighbours house

and that woke the neighbours up and they came running out of the house to catch these robbers .

We did our bit by running around trying to find the robbers and evetually we could not.

Then one of our neighbours caught hold of a rag picker , and accused him of helping the robbers to do their work.

The rag picker tried to run away and we caught hold of him , and by time we could question anything 2 – 3 of our neighbours started belting him.

At that instant I too caught hold of his collar mainly cause I was too annoyed to think and it was freakin 4 am in the morning.

The rag picker started to bleed and before our neighbours could kill him , some wise soul suggested in bringing in police .

So we tied him to a gate and waited for HOYSALA to arrive which they did in like 10 mins (Surprising i know 😀 ).

We handed him over . My brother and I came back home.

Had animated chat with mom and dad about this . And then suddenly i felt weird.

I did not know why I  was feeling so. I came back to bed. I could not go back to sleep.

Then i started thinking  , slowly grasping the events that took place.

Then I realised Just for a second nobody thought that the rag picker was picking rag and the robbery was trying to take place co – incidentally.

Then weird questions started running across my mind , What if the rag picker was innocent ?

If so then how the hell did CIVILIZED people  beat him up?

Does he have a family? Does he have kids ? DAMN HE WAS BLEEDING!!

I was filled with guilt.

“That guy was crying and begging and falling to our feets saying please dont hand me over to police , i have nothing , please check my bag,

please , i just go discharged from hospital , please please please”!!

Those words echoed through my mind and tears instantly started flowing down my cheeks ( I am man enough to accept that ).

What if i was in his position ? Was he saying the truth ?

And then i Realised we just ignored every bit of what he said just cause he was not one among us.

This is what I call ” DISTINCTION”.

He did not choose to be a rag picker , he probably did not choose to be a part of the robbery , he probably was at the wrong time in the wrong place , he did not choose to not have money , he did not choose to beaten by strangers for things he might have not done , he did not choose to be chased by dogs every morning .

He is a rag picker – cause that his how his life turned out to be.

After this event , I could see “DISTINCTION” everywhere.

“DISTINCTION” at Temples to let only people who are Brahimns to enter .

“DISTINCTION” at Government places to entertain only People with power and money

“DISTINCTION” in Company just cause you are one grade above someone else

“DISTINCTION” at the FOOTBALL FIELD just cause you are a part of the team from a long time

“DISTINCTION” in making friends , MY FRIEND has to Good in academics and has to be a HINDU and should know our native language.

“DISTINCTION” etc. Too many to pen down.

Man if we the “LITERATE CIVILIZED PEOPLE” or rather “SO CALLED” think in such a shallow manner then how the hell are we “SUPERIOR to the SO CALLED INFERIOR ONES”?

Every single day there are millions of  people being ill treated , beaten up , not cared for  just cause the superior ones have to show their power.

I think its time we actually could think , think to ourselves and justify how we treat others , how we single out People around us ,

how we start being selfish and carefree , how much we hurt others.

Nobody is inferior or superior , its just the CIRCUMSTANCES that makes you who you are.

You were lucky enough to be born in the right place at right time and that is why you are Equipped enough to read this blog and So am I to write this one,

cause we dont have to think what if we dont get 2 pieces of bread tomorrow , what will we feed our old parents , our children , our wives ,

How will I ever be able to build  a small hut for us? Do i need to take poison and die? GOD if you are really up there why are you not helping us?

What did i ever do to u?

This is the time we could actually to something to the “LESS FORTUNATE” and help them , help them realize that they can believe that every dark cloud has a silver lighting.

Provide them with food when ever you can instead of just throwing it in garbage, give them your old clothes instead of saying I have memories with my clothes how can i give them to someone else? Well you will in the memory of the “LESS FORTUNATE ONES” when you can give away your clothes.

Go to the orphanages , give away some money so that they can read and they in turn can help the “NEEDY”.

Well I can just go on and ON but I think i need to conclude by saying

Think about the “DISTINCTION” my friends. Just once.


PS : Share it if you feel the same way as I do.

Corporate L.i.F.E

Well i have been in the corporate industry for almost 5 months now. And its high time i wrote something about it.Well this is how i feel most of the student feel after moving into a BIG ASS corporate industry with no work experience wat so ever.

Firstly , Corporate LIFE is not different, it jus has a catchy name so that people who turn corporate feel happy about it and in turn work better. A strategy of making people toil more HAPPILY .

Secondly, It makes u understand that it actually does not suck much as many people say so if and only if u have a good group of frens to hang out wit 🙂 luckily I am a part of the INSTANT CORRUPTION crew 🙂 A group of like minded, good at heart and fun loving people who help me keep moving forward wat ever said and done and i forgot to mention everybody are more PERVERTED than the other which is our DRIVING FORCE 😀 lol 😀

Thirdly, M.O.N.E.Y- Be it less( cause we get less , very less in fact 😦 ) or more , It helps u to fulfil all ur dreams of buying gadgets, clothes, goin to hi fi pubs and restaurants which u always dreamt off  when u were in college and also the happiness of buyin ur close ones some gifts during special occasions just makes u feel so much happier :).

In the past 5 months some of the things i have seen in this industry or atleast in the company I work  in is that people really respect true talent and hard work really does pay off. Though sometimes its pissing off that u dont get the credit for the work nor a raise in the salary(which suckz big time) , on a medium run and not a long run as people tend to say u will definitely get the credit . The other thing i have seen arnd is , the more truthful ur at work, the better ur worklife tends to get .

The 2  main things i witnessed that moved me and inspired me  was Integration and living in harmony of people from not only in India but from all over the world and in the last couple of months i have seen some great minds at work , and the actually gr8 mind never try to show they are good , the down to earth nature of most of them is jus very inspiring.

In a way life does Change when u turn Corporate , but as of now i jus feel its shaping my life into a better one.

PS : There are assoles everywhere who try to screw up ur world, but i like to stick on to the positive aspects and jus enjoy 🙂